Barclay's 2005 Equity Gilt Study

The Art of Portfolio Diversification (PDF)
LIFE / Maastricht University Working Paper (2004)
By Rachel Campbell

Art and Money
Yale ICF Working Paper No. 09-26 (2009)
By William N. Goetzmann, Luc Renneboog & Christophe Spaenjers

Art as a Financial Investment (PDF)
The Journal of Alternative Investments (Spring 2008) pp. 64-8
By Rachel Campbell

Auctions and the Price of Art (PDF)
Journal of Economic Literature Vol. XLI (September 2003) pp. 763-786
By Orley Ashenfelter and Kathryn Graddy

Art as an Investment: Risk, Return and Portfolio Diversification in Major Painting Markets (PDF)
Accounting and Finance 44 (2004) pp. 257-272
By Andrew Worthington and Helen Higgs

Vested Interest and Biased Price Estimates: Evidence from An Auction Market (PDF)
The Journal of Finance, Manuscript 1454 (2004)
By Jianping Mei and Michael A. Moses

Buying Beauty: On Prices and Returns in the Art Market (PDF)
Tilburg University - Center for Economic Research, Discussion Paper 15 (2009)
By Luc Renneboog and Christophe Spaenjers

How Did Japanese Investments Influence International Art Prices?
Yale ICF Working Paper No. 03-09 (2005)
By Takato Hiraki, Akitoshi Ito, Darius Alexander Spieth and Naoya Takezawa

The Informational Efficiency of the Art Market (PDF)
Managerial Finance, 21-6 (1995) pp.25- 24, 1995.
By William N. Goetzmann

Art as an Investment and the Underperformance of Masterpieces (PDF)
American Economic Review,92,1656-1668 (February 2002)
By Jiangping Mei and Michael Moses

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