For nearly 70 years, Margareta Schik Bardy was a leading international private art dealer.  Her art career began in Hungary in the 1940s and she came to America after the 1956 Uprising.  Margareta was a true force of nature and lived to 97 to prove it!  It is astonishing that her long and productive life - she passed in March, 2013 - bridged most of the 20th century, well into the 21st.  Margareta spanned the classical and modern worlds, and it's embodied in her remarkable collection - assembled and curated with her second husband, Hungarian art dealer Thibaud Bardy (who lived to 97 too!), together sharing a keen eye for aesthetics and value.  Through their passion, they became authorities on Central European artworks, and over many decades, their collection became a truly unique and authentic reflection of Hungary's rich cultural heritage.  To honor their wonderful artistic legacy, we've produced and posted below "Hungarian Art Masters Rhapsody," a 9-minute video tribute that showcases some of the wonderful artworks they acquired.

Margareta also shared her passion for art with her Godson, Tom Schwartz, who will continue in her footsteps at Hungarian Art Masters Gallery (HamG), a unique online gallery they created together.  HamG's focus is original, high-quality Hungarian fine art masterworks, offered at discounted prices.  Unlike intimidating brick-and-mortar galleries, HamG's website doesn't come with any pressure to buy - so collectors can browse as much as they want and search for pieces within their price range.  We're helping to raise international awareness to Hungary's classical and modern fine art heritage through the visibility the Internet provides, offering substantial savings to encourage a new generation of collectors.  By helping collectors and aspiring collectors discover and appreciate outstanding Hungarian fine art, we make Hungary's high artistic cultural heritage more accessible to more people.  For collectors with a keen eye to aesthetics but a defined budget, HamG provides a new and secure pathway to acquiring Hungarian fine art by listed and renowned masters, based on current auction hammer price, with no Buyer's Premiums added on.AboutUsPhoto400  By operating exclusively online, we have no storefront overhead or retail gallery markups that heavily inflate costs.  We offer unexpected treasures at unexpected savings - as much as 70% OFF market retail value or more!  On average, our inventory sells for about 50-70% off retail gallery comparables.  HamG represents the best way to save big on authentic fine art collectibles. 

HamG's current online presentation of high-qualtiy to decorative artworks, represents but a small sample of our extensive collection.  So if you don't see what you’re looking for, please call or email us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.  The provenance of our artworks are fully authenticated, and we stand by our sales with a complete satisfaction guarantee and full refund policy. 

The gallery’s artworks emanate from Hungary’s Realistic, Academic, Art Nouveau, Impressionist and Secessionist movements. They reflect the finest European art tendencies and traditions, yet uniquely mirror the vibrant character of the Hungarian experience over the last century.  Considered "Europe’s hidden treasure,” these rare works of superior artistic achievement reflect the rediscovery of traditional Central European oil paintings and graphics.

Astute collectors are now rightly focusing on the exquisite skill, technique and quality of our Hungarian masterworks, and esteem their potential for high long-term appreciation, as compared to the huge prices and volatility of Western European contemporary art.  Through our online gallery, we can suit every collector's objectives with a broad range of offerings.

We're dedicated to quality, integrity, service, and authentic fine art of enduring value at truly insider prices!  HamG represents the best way to uncover the art collectibles you want and save big.  Our Hungarian masterworks will uniquely preserve their power and value over the decades.  HamG's marketing strategy is a simple one:  we're totally committed to cultivating an excellent relationship with our discerning clientele.  "The collector's loyalty must be continuously earned!"

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