Welcome to HamG - Hungarian Art Masters Gallery!  HamG is the exclusive worldwide representative of the MARGARETA SCHIK BARDY COLLECTION. The Central European modern artworks in the collection consist of original oil paintings, watercolors, drawings and prints by listed and renowned Hungarian masters. With a keen eye to aesthetics and value, Margareta assembled and curated the works of these historically significant masters over seven decades. Her vision and our mission is to make the collection's masterworks both affordable and accessible to everyone, and we foster our philosophy through the global outreach of the Internet.

HamG has no retail gallery or auctioneer storefront - and the overhead, markups, sales staff costs and buyer's premiums have been eliminated. We honor Margareta's wishes and legacy by passing these substantial savings on to our international clientele - and selling the listed artist's work at current Art Index Auction Hammer Price.  On average, our inventory sells for about 50-70% off retail gallery comparables.  HamG represents the best way to save big on authenticated fine art collectibles.  According to the Mei Moses Fine Art Index, high-quality modern art provides a secure path to a steady return on investment.  From 2005-2016, while gold increased 125% in value, top-tier fine art increased 750%.  In times of chronic uncertainty, the safe-haven value of Hungarian fine art far exceeds its aesthetic qualities.

We're dedicated to service, quality and enduring value at truly insider prices. Collect HamG's inspired paintings with total confidence - our museum-grade to decorative artworks have been professionlly authenticated and we provide a complete satisfaction guarantee.